bio_beverly StilMee™ (formerly Alzheimer Coaching Services) was founded by Beverly L. Moore, President, who has more than 40 years experience in mental health, training professionals and paraprofessionals in the understanding and management of behavior. She is a clinical specialist in psychiatric nursing and adult mental health, a family therapist, educator, public speaker, local columnist, author and business owner. She has coached hundreds of families in the Habilitation model of care.

Sweet Grapes, Inc.’s goal is to build a network of StilMee™ coaches so no family has to go the dementia journey alone. To this end Sweet Grapes, Inc. recruits qualified professionals, then trains them in the StilMee™ method of Habilitation Therapy and licenses them as StilMee™ coaches.

What is a StilMee™ Coach?

A StilMee™ Coach is a compassionate specially trained professional who works with formal and informal caregivers for someone with a memory disorder. Coaches teach caregivers effective strategies to improve quality of life for the person with memory loss. This education fosters caregiver confidence in the ability to make a difference.

How will coaching help?

StilMee™ Coaches help caregivers:
  • Understand and accept the behaviors of dementia
  • Learn how to simplify tasks so that the person with dementia can more fully and safely participate in his own care and continue to find pleasure in family life
  • Learn to speak in new ways to accommodate language changes
  • Gain confidence in sustaining a positive relationship with the person with dementia


"I learned not to treat my father like a child; to continue to talk with him as an adult."

Pandemic times
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