StilMee program founder and president Beverly L. Moore R.N., C.S. is the author of the book Matters of the Mind�and Heart and a columnist for �Matters of the Mind� which appears in South Shore Senior News and Neponset Valley Senior News.

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Beverly's new e-book New Trends in Alzheimer Care; Finding the spirit Within is available at most on line book stores and at Strategic Book Publishers. It updates news of care for those with dementia and goes on to recount my journey through Alzheimer's disease with my mother in law Bette. If you want a sample of the second book go to our home page and click on the book icon.

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A Good Visit with Someone with Dementia [PDF]

Alzheimer’s Tips and Trends [PDF]

Calm an Anxious Person with Dementia [PDF]

Habilitation Therapy [PDF]

Memory Loss and Dementia [PDF]

The Part Emotion Plays in Dementia [PDF]

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" My coach was extraordinarily helpful and knowledgeable. She helped us find an appropriate place for my father after my mother died unexpectedly."

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