How to Arrange for StilMee Coaching

StilMee recognizes that you are the expert on your loved one with memory loss. Your StilMee coach will teach you about the disease or condition causing dementia and will help you learn new ways of relating now that your loved one has brain changes. You will be provided with a written plan, personalized to your family's needs, addressing the challenges in care you are experiencing.

The initial StilMee coaching is three sessions long. Our coaches can always be reached, whether near enough to come to your home physically or by telephone. Our territory covers Massachusetts east of Worcester, southern New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island. We are pleased to advise we have expanded our territory to now include Dallas, Texas.

Schedule a telephone coaching call with one of our coaches by clicking onto the coach of your choice below. Our coach will call and set up a coaching session with you within 24 hours.

Sharon Whittemore
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Karen Coppola
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Bernice Osborne
Bernice Osborne
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Janet Williams
Janet Williams
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Leanne O'Donoghue
Leanne O'Donoghue
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Coaching Programs that Fit your Needs and Budget

For telecoaching we require $150. This session will provide your coach with a clear idea of your need for information and support. You may involve as many family members as you wish by taking advantage of conference calling. A one hour telephone coaching session is $150.

You may then buy an hour or more of access to the help of a coach to be used in 15 minute increments when you need advice. This is bought by the month or more often as you indicate your need. The cost of one hour of access to a coach (in 15 minute increments) is $150 paid in advance by credit card.

Payment for StilMee coaching services may be made via a major credit card on this site using PayPal.

Telephone Coaching Session (1 hr.) $150 Purchase via PayPal
Telephone Coaching (3 hrs) + Free Book Package $450 Purchase via PayPal


"I was so frustrated all the time just trying to get him to shower. My coach made suggestions that always worked!"

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