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Hurray for e-mail!
Saturday, March 30, 2013
Imagine running a business with laryngitis! That was me this week past. If it had not been for email I would have been in deep water. Several referrals came in at once, each case manager wanting verification of acceptance and who the attending coach would be. My voice was little more than a croak and a bad croak at that.
But, with the wonders of email I was able to do all the required duties of the president and chief cook and bottle washer without saying a word. Of course I couldn't answer the phone but luckily most were informing me that referrals were coming in. Others, the clients, were called mostly to cancel my meeting with them. When they heard my croak, all were grateful I wasn't bringing it (whatever it was) to their home.
Which brings me to a topic of a pet peeve; those who insist on keeping on with business when they are sick. I had an audit a month or so ago. The auditor was so hot of hand, I wanted to instantly let go of it. And, alas, two days later I was sick. I tell my coaches to stay home when they are sick both for their good and their clients, most of whom are elders.
Today after 6 days and a good antibiotic and much rest I feel almost human. Hopefully this is the road to recovery as I look forward to seeing 7 new clients in need of our coaching service. It feels good to be coaching again instead of just doing administrative work. I didn't know how much I'd missed it.
Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday and an event-less April Fool's Day (unless the joke is good).
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