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Holiday Stress Busters
Monday, November 18, 2019
The holidays are coming up again. Have you learned to KISS? I mean to keep it super simple?
Caregiving is a full time job; adding stress to the daily routine by trying to keep the holidays 'just what we've always done' is a recipe for increased stress. 
How to simplify? Delegate some tasks to others. It's only for a short period of time so acceptance might be easier than you think. Ask! Many of us are taught not to ask for favors and we continue to do it all. Just asking might inform your family and friends that caregiving isn't as easy as you make it look. How many times have I heard, "She's doing ok. She's a super sister, or wife, or husband." 
One caregiver whose wife had always handled everything very well, realized his kids didn't realize how hard life was for him now that she could no longer manage multitasking. He wrote a letter to each of them describing his daily life. They all responded with, "I didn't know; why didn't you say something sooner, Dad?"
So, can you say, "I need help. This is too much for me." Try it; you may be surprised, even delighted to see who comes forward to help.
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"It made me more aware of the impact I can have through proper communication."

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