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The Value of Coaching
Friday, September 8, 2017
When I first started this service in 2000 the concept of coach was more or less confined to sports. Today one can find a life coach, a business coach and a caregiver coach. Why bother? I've had a business coach and found the insight gained invaluable. I think dementia caregiver coaching can do the same.
It is often a bewildering time when one's family member behaves differently, perhaps speaks differently and responds to the caregiver in a way that doesn't seem to make sense. It is that person's disease causing these changes and coaching can help the caregiver learn what is happening in the brain to cause the changes and then learn how to respond to those changes to keep the relationship alive. This is particularly difficult for couples who have learned to respond over years of being together. The healthy spouse must learn a whole new way of relating.
The good news is it can be learned. I find when education about brain function and dysfunction is understood, then the new ways make sense. In addition, it makes caregiving easier because the person with dementia responds in a more favorable way. He is happier, more relaxed, and able to cooperate with care.
So, don't go it alone. There are coaches for you. Don't rely on the internet to learn as the internet is not your family member. On line chat lines are helpful as are books (that's why I've written two). But individualized personalized coaching is the best.
Call us; we have coaches for you.
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"I wish to thank your organization for your guidance. My coach followed up several times after our three sessions were completed."

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