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Always talk with Strangers
Saturday, June 21, 2014
Each time I come home my husband asks, "So who did you talk to today?". He has been known to call me Constant Comment or Chatty Cathy. One co-worker recently dubbed me Babbling Beverly. I don't mind these subtle jabs since I have learned opening up conversations while standing in line can result in meeting some pretty interesting people. In the last two days I've met a nurse in a rehabilitation facility. I told her I was a nurse. She asked where. I told her. "I have a sister who works there." I asked what department. She said mental health. It turns out I have worked with her sister for some 20 years in that unit.
Today I opened up discussion with the deli counter person when he said "I am so forgetful; I'm always looking for things." Jokingly I asked, "Do you need an Alzheimer coach? I am one, you know." This led to a discussion (there was no one waiting behind me) about what a coach does. This led to a question I'm glad he asked. "Can a person with Alzheimer's feel pain or can't they?" He went on to say some thought his mother with Alzheimer's couldn't feel pain of arthritis or leg pain. I said, "Yes, indeed, they feel pain just as anyone else does. The problem is they have a difficult time telling others about the pain and so it is assumed they have none."
There are many myths, misconceptions and downright false ideas about Alzheimer's. I'm glad he asked.
On another note, I've decided to be part of a trial of medication to combat Alzheimer's in the pre-symptomatic stage. It is kind of scary as there are PET scans, MRIs, and monthly infusions to be had. I feel I want to give this to research as I truly believe we can cure or at least stop this disease in the early stages. If I show no protein in my brain on the PET scan, I will be disqualified from the research however. I'm curious how much protein a 73 year old has and is still running a business well. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.
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"I learned not to treat my father like a child; to continue to talk with him as an adult."

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