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A Long Cold Winter
Wednesday, February 19, 2014
This winter has been tough on all of us, but I think of the many times homecare workers cannot get to your family member due to weather or illness, or the adult day program cancels due to school closings and you are left caring for your family member alone. If you work full or part time this is a real challenge. What can you do? Plan ahead is one choice.
Ask family members or friends to be available in a pinch either to help you care or relieve you of the care. Have backup plans for when things cannot run as usual. How reliable is the family member or friend? Is your request time limited? Do you only take advantage of their willingness when necessary? It is one thing to ask someone to be available on a Wednesday evening a month (so you can attend a support group for example) and asking someone to be available every week on a Wednesday!
Planning is one way of taking care of yourself. Limit the stress of sudden needs and the resulting anxiety. Develop that plan now.
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