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So long...
Sunday, September 8, 2013
I don't know why time gets away from me and I forget to blog. But, I do. I've been doing some trainings at the hospital on trauma informed care and doing some coaching visits. Maybe my husband is right; time goes faster when we get older because our thinking is slower. At least that gives me an excuse!
I've been thinking about how the needs of those who have been traumatized are similar to those with dementia. Really, isn't a diagnosis of dementia a trauma? It changes life significantly. For the person with trauma history, he has a need to be safe. His behavior is to seek safety, as if what is happening is a life death situation, putting him at risk of extinction. When I work with those with dementia, their behavior too seems to feel that way too. Confused about what is going on around them, unable to figure out how to respond, he too seeks to feel safe. He needs a voice, a choice, and caregivers who will promote that continuously. The best caregivers I coach are those who are other-oriented, invested in empowering their care recipient, not looking for accolades, but for satisfaction in their caregiving efforts.
I am so blessed to meet so many just like this.
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" My coach was extraordinarily helpful and knowledgeable. She helped us find an appropriate place for my father after my mother died unexpectedly."

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