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Caregiving Wonders
Monday, July 1, 2013
Someone once said caregiving is both mundane and mystical. I have learned that caregivers are too. Some just do what they need to do with no fanfare; they care because they are called to do so. Many have cared for many in their lifetime. Some families and cultures seem to take caregiving as part of their way of life. They give no thought to it.
Others find the whole experience mystical; they seek to learn everything new to be as integral a part of the experience as possible. I find spouses are of this second type generally (this is indeed a generalization based on my experience as coach).
Alzheimer caregiving is indeed mystical in the experiencing a 'new person' so to speak in the one they are caring for. It requires new information, learning new skills that are not often easy to master. It is also mundane as one day follows the one before with some of the same challenges that are not going away.
The caregivers I've met recently and in the past 14 years of coaching are very special indeed. They have given me a glimpse of the extraordinary effort of one person to stay in relationship with another whom they love. I am honored to be part of their lives, albeit for a short time. God bless caregivers. I pray for many of you every day; that you will get strength to continue, some rest for your weary body and soul, and will turn to the Lord for that strength. I thank God for you.
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"I learned not to treat my father like a child; to continue to talk with him as an adult."

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