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The value of groups
Friday, June 7, 2013
Groups share the joy and halve the sorrow. I seek a group that shares like concerns as I do. I have joined a group locally of trusted professionals called Resources to Remember. We meet and promote one another's services to elders. It is amazing how many services there are that few know about. How about a nurse carpenter who can make a home into a safer place by widening doors, installing an elevator, or a traveling dental hygienist who comes to the home, or a traveling podiatrist who will come to you rather than going to him (how come podiatrists always have their offices on second floors with no elevator?). In addition to these unique people there are movers, new living area designers, caregiver coaches (that's me), day programs that are looking to provide auxiliary services right on site to name a few. Go to www.ResourcesToRemember.com and see what is out there for you the caregiver.
Of course caregiver groups are a must for every dementia caregiver. It is a hard job and you need support. Support comes in a variety of ways in a good group; emotional support, educational support (new ideas, tried ideas), and physical support too at times. Caregivers have a wealth of information for you. Find one now.
I facilitate at one at Carney Hospital every 2nd Wednesday 6:30-8 pm. The sharing of information and laughter is wonderful.
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