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Sunday, April 28, 2013
Back at coaching, I'm meeting the most dedicated brave, patient people! And I find I have so much more to give in the way of information and support than I did before. Alzheimer information is changing by the moment. I understand more about the behaviors and can teach a sensitivity to caregivers. It is so rewarding to see a more relaxed caregiver after a couple of coaching sessions.
I'm also very glad to have a full complement of coaches these days. Our north shore coach Joanne Sheehan was gone for more than a month on vacation then a mission trip. Although I love driving, the trips to the Montachusett area and 'very' north shore took a lot of time. But the people I met made it worth it. I've been giving my book to these caregivers and getting good feedback on its usefulness. It is always gratifying to see the pages bent and the book cover curled from use. We have a saying in Christian circles that the person with the most worn out Bible is a person that is NOT worn out him or her self.
It is supposed to stay sunny and warm this week so the drive back out see these caregivers will be pleasant on the way, there, and the way back. Love this work!
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