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Saturday, April 20, 2013
I just got a call from Ken Cheo who helped me design how I wanted to conduct my fledgling busines back in 2008 when we incorporated. He sent me a copy of a chapter on Goal Setting. StilMee is mentioned in it because when I started out I had no clear definable goals to reach. Like he says in the chapter it is like getting into a car but not knowing where you want to go. No goal; no direction. It reminded me to think about setting new goals for StilMee. As I think them through and name them I'll talk about them a bit here.
One goal is clear; I want to keep my hand in developing ever new and better ways to help caregivers through coaching. As our understanding of the challenges facing the person with dementia, we can give better advice, advice that works 'to ease the journey of caregiving through education and support'. After all that is what we are in the coaching service for.
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"I learned not to treat my father like a child; to continue to talk with him as an adult."

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